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Kids can’t sleep? Enjoy calm and relaxing bedtimes by helping your little ones drift off quickly and easily with this award-winning Sleep Stories app.


Join the millions of parents who have used Moshi Twilight to quickly settle and soothe their kids into a peaceful and restful sleep with over 30 hours of original audio Sleep Stories, Meditations, Music and Sounds that you won’t find in any other app.


Now featuring a Sleep Story narrated by Academy Award-winning actress GOLDIE HAWN, “Goldie the Mindful Moshling”. Join Goldie on a dreamy journey across the moonlit Moshi world to discover how mindfulness and sweet dreams go together, hand in hand.




“Best thing ever created! My son is out within the first 10 mins. ❤️  The voices are so delicate and works like magic!” – Claudia –  


“A bedtime miracle! Within 15 minutes my son is fast asleep.” – Jamie –


“Saw this app on Facebook a few times and thought I’d try it at bedtime. It’s amazing how quick it works!” – Krystal –