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Message from Michael Acton Smith

Michael has created the video below to explain some of the changes happening to the senior management team here at Mind Candy.

We are excited about the future as we grow from strength to strength as a global family entertainment company and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

– The Mind Candy team

Welcome to the World of Warriors

I’m thrilled to unleash the first ever teaser for the top secret project our team at the Brighton Mind Candy Studio have been working on for the last year: World of Warriors!

This epic game for mobile and tablet is teeming with an ever-increasing cast of history’s greatest warriors.

Summoned to the hostile Wildlands from a mind-boggling array of cultures, tribes and civilizations, each warrior has a story to tell. But the only way to survive is to FIGHT!

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We can’t wait to share the game when it’s ready. Let battle commence!

– Michael Acton Smith, CEO and Founder – Mind Candy

Divinia Knowles – appointed to the Mind Candy Board of Directors

Founders of startups often receive the vast majority of media attention for their companies. Mind Candy has been no exception despite the fact that hundreds of talented people have all contributed to the amazing journey we’ve been on.  There’s one person in particular though that I want to shine a spotlight on who has played an absolutely critical role in making Mind Candy successful.

Product Tank London!

I was invited to give a talk at Product Tank London, a meet-up group for Product Managers. 200 people came to learn how we apply the discipline of Product Management to games and ultimately how we find fun at Mind Candy. I was also joined on stage by Paul Croft of MediaTonic and Catharina Lavers Mallet of

Mind Candy is hiring

I don’t often blog at Mind Candy but because hiring is one of the most important parts of my job I thought I’d put this out.

Mind Candy has a pretty audacious/fun/crazy vision:

“To create the greatest entertainment company in the world for this new digital generation”

Moshi Monsters has been a phenomenon on and offline but it’s just the start of our journey.  We’ve learned a great deal about creating digital entertainment and now have many new projects bubbling away for different audiences.  We’re inspired by the culture and quality of Pixar and want to create extraordinary entertainment that captivates the next generation across new platforms and devices.

We’ve just moved into a new 30,000 square foot HQ in Shoreditch and are looking to expand the team rapidly.  Last year we hired over 100 people and we’ll likely increase that in 2013.

We get dozens of applications every day so it’s vital to stand out from the crowd.  Linkedin profiles are important but we often pay more attention to covering letters.  Why?  Well, we put more value on attitude and ambition than experience.  Many people in the company started in one area but  have progressed rapidly into new areas. Divinia Knowles started as a PA at Mind Candy just a few years ago and is now our COO and CFO.

We want to work with people who are passionate about their particular area of expertise and love what they do.  This is a far cry from the average office worker who wants a 9-5 job and doesn’t really mind what they do all day.   We receive a lot of generic covering letters like the one below and they suggest the applicant isn’t particularly fussed where they end up working:

“Dear Sir/Madam, I’m a results orientated team player…”

Covering letters that allow us to learn a little more about you, your passions and your skills are great but if you’re feeling particularly creative feel free to make a short video as a covering letter instead.

Some of the key roles we’re currently looking for include:


Head of Legal

Head of Licensing Operations

Senior Talent Specialist

Product Managers


A word of warning – high growth companies like Mind Candy are definitely not for everyone.  The work can be intense, deadlines tight, and expectations very high, but creating entertainment that delights and inspires millions is never going to be a straightforward or simple job.

If all this sounds intriguing then we’d love to hear from you.  Our careers page is here:

In addition to applying, feel free to come along to Mind Candy this Friday (22nd February 2013) for Silicon Drinkabout to meet myself and the rest of our recruitment team: Flo, Amanda and Penny

Good luck!


Michael Acton Smith

Mind Candy CEO and Founder


Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 15.32.13

Mind Candies take gold in the Moshlympics

As London’s 2012 games wound to a close there were a host of unlikely sporting heroes prepped and ready to add to Team GB’s impressive medal record.

The Honourable Artillery Company grounds in Shoreditch played host to the inaugural Moshlympics as the Mind Candies showed their mettle in an afternoon of competitive races, rounders, footie and Frisbie.

Family and friends joined the fun as the afternoon was topped off with face painting, an exclusive performance from up and coming artists Beatie Wolfe and a delicious BBQ.

After an amazing day the party continued on in to the early hours with cocktails on the Golden Bee roof terrace (and many more sporting feats on the dance floor).

Mind Candies, we salute you.








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