Warning! Moshi Monsters Could Be GOOD for Your Child’s Health!

Written by a Moshi Parent

Our son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and, whilst he looks like any other 7 year old, his condition means that there are certain things that he really struggles with. His difficulties became so great for him that he is no longer even able to attend school and is now home educated.

Since discovering Moshi Monsters earlier in the year, we have seen some major improvements in him. He is happy to talk to anyone (and everyone!) about Moshi Monsters – and yet he normally finds it difficult to even say hello or goodbye due to the social communication difficulties he experiences.

Like many other children with Asperger’s, creativity can often be a problem. Yet he has amazed us all with his constant outpouring of Moshi ideas. He wakes early each morning and designs a new Moshling, Moshi food or Moshi idea.

Doctors and therapists have been astounded by the progress he has made in his handwriting – he is happy to practice his handwriting using Moshi words like ‘roarberry cheesecake,’ and Moshling names like ‘Ecto,’ ‘Iggy’ and the others and can even manage cursive-style handwriting when focused on Moshi words.

He has been able to write stories for creative writing about Moshi Monsters – sometimes many pages long (previously it would be a struggle to get any form of story more than a couple of sentences).

Often parents complain about the negative effects of the internet and computer games on their children’s wellbeing and yet, thanks to Moshi Monsters, our experience has been an extremely positive one.

We genuinely believe that the progress that our son has made in the past six months or so would not have been possible without the fabulous concept that is Moshi Monsters. Thank you Moshi for all you do.

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