Moshi Monsters is teacher’s pet!

Learning through gaming is a topic that I am very passionate about and I am proud to say that Moshi Monsters is definitely turning out to be head of the class.

We have been contacted by many teachers asking us about Moshi as it has become more widely used in schools as a contextual tool to engage children in the classroom.

We have been bowled over by the support we have received from Derek Robertson and the teachers involved in Learning & Teaching Scotland. Margaret Young at Port of Menteith Primary School is an exceptional example of how teachers are embracing the use of games in the classroom. Here they have been using Moshi to bridge the gap between fiction and reality. The children have been creating their own shops and thinking about how they would run them, designing brochures for the Monstro City tourist office and thinking about how they could sell the Monstro City properties. They have created their own puzzle palace and filled it with puzzles they love playing. They have been motivated to write, draw and read around the subject. These brilliant teachers are putting learning back in the hands of the children by using a medium that they understand and connect with.

Pete Wells from the Sunderland City Learning Centre sent us some blog entries created by three children Adam, Anika and Shanice who were encouraged to adopt monsters, create their own personalities and show them off, another great example of how Moshi and other games can be used in teaching children about Information and Communication Technology.

Moshi is even being used on the other side of the world to teach children, “Moshi Monsters utilises educational content, through vocabulary and arithmetic to logic and spatial skills. Moshi Monsters has been designed to be a ‘fun, safe and educational’ website for all age groups”.

We would love to hear from you (teachers and kids) if you have been using Moshi Monsters and/or Tutpup in your classroom to aid learning in new and exciting ways, drop us a line and let us know what you have been up to.

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