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Mind Candy are passionate about creating fun, safe environments for families to enjoy. We have created this page to tell you more about our products and to share our favourite resources about online safety. If you need help, have comments or questions, please email us at [email protected].

Take a look at our “Play Smart Top Tips”!

Our Products

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is an online browser based game for kids, where they can adopt and take care of a friendly monster. It’s free to play, but we also offer a paid Moshi Membership that gives players access to a host of exclusive extra features, denoted by this symbol:


Moshi Monsters Village

Moshi Monsters Village is an app, where you rescue Moshlings and build your own Moshi Monsters Village. Moshi Monsters Village is free to play, but you have the option to purchase extra Rox and Coins. You can disable In-App Purchases in your device’s settings.

To find out more about Moshi Monsters Village and how to disable in app purchases click here.

How You Can Help

Just as we teach our children to be safe offline, like looking both ways before crossing the road or not talking to strangers, each of us have the responsibility to do the same within the online world. It takes a village!

If you’d like some further ideas on how to make your child’s time online a safe and fulfilling experience, you might also find our top five tips useful:

  • The best advice we can give is to talk to your children and keep engaging with them about their online activity. Discuss the importance of online safety. Find out which sites they visit or which games they play, and take an interest in getting to know the sites and games.
  • Set reasonable house rules and time limits for internet and mobile phone use.
  • Install firewall and antivirus software and use the parental control features available from your Internet Service Provider. Here are some great resources to help: In the UK: In the USA:
  • Teach your child to never use full names or share passwords – not just their own, but anyone’s. Prevent your child from sharing personally identifiable information (e.g. address, telephone number, name of school, pet names, sports club etc).
  • Make sure your child understands what it means to post photographs and other content on the internet. In many cases, what they post can never be removed!

Top 5 tips for children:

In partnership with The Vodafone Foundation, we have created a set of activity cards to help parents start conversations with their children about their online activity. The cards are available for free in Vodafone stores and are available for schools to download here.

For further information and tips on online safety, please visit these organisations with which we work closely:

Think U Know (logo)
NetSmartz Workshop (logo)
Cyber Smart (logo)


There are lots of great resources out there for parents with useful tips and advice. We recommend the following organisations:

Family Online Safety Institute (logo)
The Parent Zone (logo)
A Platform for GoodOrg (logo)

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