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The World Of Moshi Monsters Comes To Mobile And Tablet

Today, we’re announcing the global launch of Moshi Monsters Village, now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Having launched in the UK on iOS before Christmas, the game has already proved it’s a hit with fans by reaching number two in the iTunes app charts during December and achieving over 250k downloads with no marketing spend within the first two weeks of the UK launch alone. So far there have been over 12,500 reviews in the app store averaging at 4.6 out of 5!

Divinia Knowles – appointed to the Mind Candy Board of Directors

Founders of startups often receive the vast majority of media attention for their companies. Mind Candy has been no exception despite the fact that hundreds of talented people have all contributed to the amazing journey we’ve been on.  There’s one person in particular though that I want to shine a spotlight on who has played an absolutely critical role in making Mind Candy successful.

Moshi Monsters win a BAFTA!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we are now a BAFTA award-winning studio!

On Sunday night we picked up the award for Moshi Monsters in the ‘Best Original Interactive’ category. This BAFTA is a huge achievement for all Mind Candies (past and present) and we can’t wait to continue the exciting journey Moshi has ahead of it!

Moshi Monsters: The Movie on ITV Daybreak

This morning, the trailer for the first ever Moshi Monsters Movie was aired on ITV Daybreak! We’re all super excited and gearing towards the launch all across the UK and Ireland this Christmas.

Peter Jones Meets… Michael Acton Smith!

On Sunday, we were excited to tune into BBC 2 to watch ‘Peter Jones Meets’ as he interviewed our Founder and CEO, Michael Acton Smith.

The show explored the journey of how Mind Candy started and what makes Michael’s mind tick as an entrepreneur.

Check it out!

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Party! Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday

Cupcakes, a Candy bar, a slide and ball pit, UV painting, balloon making and monster dancing madness were just a few of the things at the Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party last week. The kids partied with us till 7.30pm and the big kids joined us from 8!

Toad Juice cocktails in hand, we all partied the night away to celebrate 5 years of success.

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who attended, and an even bigger thanks to the 80 million kids playing around the world.  It’s been an exciting journey and there’s much more to come!

Check out all our photos from the party over on our Facebook page!


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Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 17.31.49


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