Message from Michael Acton Smith

Michael has created the video below to explain some of the changes happening to the senior management team here at Mind Candy.

We are excited about the future as we grow from strength to strength as a global family entertainment company and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

- The Mind Candy team

Introducing Mind Candy’s latest App – PopJam!


(Written by Michael Acton Smith)

We’ve got a number of new products bubbling away at Mind Candy but there’s one in particular that has been a very important passion project of mine.

It’s called PopJam and today we’re officially unveiling the app in the UK.

PopJam icon

The simplest way to describe it is as a Creative Community for kids (aged 7-12).

One of our key learnings from the six years of building Moshi Monsters has been how much kids love to create, share and show-off. With our new app we aim to build a digital community that allows children to create art, stories, photos, games, contests and more and then share their creations with other kids around the world.

PopJam quotes and art

We love the idea of empowering kids with digital tools and then seeing what they come up with. Lego, Minecraft, Rainbow Looms, Play Doh and Crayons have all shown how extraordinarily inventive kids can be with relatively simple building blocks.

PopJam is similar to Instagram in that users can follow their friends or other users if they like their creations. They can also like, comment and even draw responses to other creations that pop up in their feed.

PopJam Feed

As well as user generated content, there will also be a large amount of professional content. We want kids to follow and engage with all the things they care about, whether it be their favourite band, cartoon character, artist, author, movie, sports team, school subject, game and so on. Ultimately we want to connect all the kids in the world with all the things they are passionate about.

Many of these content channels will be entertainment focused but we’re excited that the app will play host to a large amount of educational content as well. Stealth education is a key part of Moshi Monsters and we want PopJam to be no exception. We’ve always believed that amazing things can happen when you make learning fun.

Some of the key partners on board from the UK launch will include:

- Natalia Vodianova (inspiring children about philanthropy alongside her charity Naked Hearts)

- Decoded (helping children get excited and inspired to learn coding)

- My Blue Nose Friends (engaging children with Tatty Teddy and friends)

- Find Chaffy (bringing the hit books by Jamie Smart to the digital world)

- Jon Burgerman (inspiring children with art and doodles)

- Borrow My Doggy (running our popular Dogs channel)

- Chineasy (helping children learn to speak Chinese)


We’ve also been in talks with Jamie Oliver as part of his mission to teach every child about food and nutrition. With PopJam, we can explore opportunities where kids can learn about this in a fun and interactive way!

This is just the start. We would love to hear from other potential partners that are keen to join us on the journey of building a safe, creative and fun digital community for kids.

Keeping our young audience safe is a huge responsibility and something we take very seriously. Again, we have a lot of learnings from Moshi Monsters to guide us and a highly experienced moderation team headed up by Online Community expert Rebecca Newton.

Creating a product like this is full of complex challenges but we feel very strongly that without a viable community designed for this younger demographic, kids under 13 will continue using apps designed for over 13 year olds like Instagram, SnapChat and Tumblr.

PopJam is a walled garden where kids can be kids.

There are no plans to generate revenue from the app in the short-term but future plans might include a subscription service for premium content (similar to

It hasn’t been done before but we believe we can build the world’s largest creative community that both kids *and* their parents love.

We have a big vision for PopJam, so if you’re intrigued and want to learn more you can download the app here.

- Michael and the PopJam Team

Appstore beanGoogle play bean

Moshling Rescue! Launches on iOS and Facebook


We are super excited to announce the next evolution of Match-3 gameplay, Moshling Rescue!

This is our first ever game for the mums and dads of our millions of fans and is available now on Apple devices and Facebook.

Moshling Rescue is a twist on the hugely popular matching genre with six unique game modes, including boss mode, treasure mode and home mode – the very first time this has been seen in a game of this genre. The game also has a deep character driven narrative and unique collection mechanic that allows you to house all the Moshlings you save from the gloop!

There are hundreds of fun and challenging levels to keep players entertained, with new content updates and a version for Android on the way in the coming months.

Mind Candy has expanded from just kids entertainment to becoming a broader family entertainment company. This is our first game aimed at an older audience and we’re incredibly excited about launching it.

Check out our infographic below on the progression of Match-3 games, as well as our ‘Meet the Team’ video!

- The Mind Candy Team

The Evolution Of Match 3_Moshling Rescue Game

Welcome to the World of Warriors

World of Warriors logo

I’m thrilled to unleash the first ever teaser for the top secret project our team at the Brighton Mind Candy Studio have been working on for the last year: World of Warriors!

This epic game for mobile and tablet is teeming with an ever-increasing cast of history’s greatest warriors.

Summoned to the hostile Wildlands from a mind-boggling array of cultures, tribes and civilizations, each warrior has a story to tell. But the only way to survive is to FIGHT!

Sign up to receive future sneak peeks and be the first to play when this jaw-dropping game is launched.

We can’t wait to share the game when it’s ready. Let battle commence!

- Michael Acton Smith, CEO and Founder – Mind Candy

Poppet magazine launch


Mind Candy is extremely excited to announce the UK launch of our new magazine Poppet this week!

Poppet magazine, with its design, is an aspirational title for young girls that aims to encourage creativity with a focus on technology.

The World Of Moshi Monsters Comes To Mobile And Tablet


Today, we’re announcing the global launch of Moshi Monsters Village, now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Having launched in the UK on iOS before Christmas, the game has already proved it’s a hit with fans by reaching number two in the iTunes app charts during December and achieving over 250k downloads with no marketing spend within the first two weeks of the UK launch alone. So far there have been over 12,500 reviews in the app store averaging at 4.6 out of 5!

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