Mozilla Festival – Mind Candy Game Jam!

As part of the Mozilla Festival, Mind Candy ran a 3 hour Game Jam using HTML5. The festival is all about everyone learning how to ‘make’ the web rather than just ‘use’ the web. We know how much fun it is to make a game and wanted to share that with everyone!

To that end we decided to use a JavaScript framework called Crafty.js which means you can make a game using only your web browser and a text editor. Fortunately almost all the Festival-goers were familiar with JavaScript already so we gave a half-hour introduction to Crafty and four starter games (RPG, shooter, platform and one-button) to start them off!

Several Mind Candy staff were on-hand to help the teams develop their games, answering questions on Crafty and game design. The combination of training, starter projects and help was a powerful one, leading to several finished games in only a couple of hours!

The games worked on included:

Ebony Lizard Fighter  
Unicorn Super Blaster
Angry Zamboni Operative
Soviet Flatulence Roundup
Lethal Spatula Heroes
Scooby Doo and Exploding Nudist Zombies
Infinite Platform Experience
Crafty Space Invaders
Nyan Cat Destroyer

Several of them are available on github to play with and you can play Unicorn Super Blaster right here:

Not only did we all have a fun time and learned new ways to make games on the web, we at Mind Candy have also become somewhat of a fan of Crafty.js and will be using it more in the future – we’ve already contributed some bug fixes back and expect to have more Starter Games on github soon. If you want to get into game development, this is a great way to start!

For more information including links to the Presentation and Starter Games, see

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– Guest Written by Mark Baker

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