Mind Candy terrifies Shoreditch on Halloween!

We did the mash. We did the monster mash. It was an office smash! That’s right, no Halloween is complete with out a shindig to get you in the “spirit” of things. Proudly or embarrassingly (depends on who you ask) we were one of the very few, if any businesses in the Tea Building to partake in full fancy dress, face paint and fake blood n’ gore throughout the day. Meetings and all.

An evil clown, a unibrowed hunchback, a skeleton, a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ and more were all seen creeping around the office. With a spooky feast of treats and blood punch (complete with floating eyeballs) the Halloween music played, the pumpkin piñatas were smashed and a few people who passed the office windows were well and truly horrified. Job done!

* Guest written and photographs by Megan Kane, Operations and Creative Assistant * 

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