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The internet offers unlimited opportunities to kids. Instead of hiding them from the net, we should teach them how to use it wisely just as we teach them how to participate in the offline world safely.

This is an exciting week at Mind Candy’s site as we’re searching for three young Moshi fans to star in our new Moshi Bandz TV Ad competition. The TV ad will be run on national television in the UK. We’re also running the  Monstro City’s Got Talent (MCGT Summer Shades Edition) competition this week, and have nearly 400 entries.

The internet presents people of all ages with opportunities we normally wouldn’t have available to us. Because of social media tools, Moshi can provide an opportunity for three UK kids between the ages of 11 and 14 to star in a TV advertisement that will be broadcast nationally.  [If you have a budding young TV star in your life, you can read about how to enter here in our blog.

We’re privileged to live in amazing technological times, where we can share information globally in seconds. We can meet people from all over the world and learn about each other’s cultures. We are presented with life-changing opportunities daily.

Now and then we hear from well-meaning people who think the net is unsafe for kids. We believe there is no reason to be afraid of social media.  Rather, we should teach each other, at every age, to behave responsibly in the online world just as we do in the offline world. We certainly wouldn’t get far if we hid in our homes and never came out because we were afraid of unfortunate things happening to us. Avoiding the online world is not living in the world – it’s hiding from world.

Thankfully, most of us don’t live this way. Instead, we are taught how to live in the world as safely as possible. We look both ways when crossing the street. We wear helmets when riding our bikes. We don’t take candy from strangers on the street. We don’t get into cars with people we don’t know. The online world is an extension of our offline world. We have a responsibility to teach each other how to be safe online.

When we ask for videos in our contests, we always ask for Monster Owner names and no other personal information to be shared. We monitor the submissions. And we flag any potentially problematic submissions to YouTube or the content site where the video is uploaded. Educating people on how to be netwise but still enjoy the wonders and opportunities of the internet is paramount to Moshi’s success.  Here’s to appreciating and encouraging creativity online and offline.

Here is one of nearly 400 entries from our recent Monstro CIty’s Got Talent Content. We’re thrilled to facilitate sharing their talent with the world.

Miss Pinky

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